Iluminar Hi-Voltage Wieland Wire Whip /3.2ft/1m

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ILUMINAR Lighting has upgraded its CMH, MH, and HPS grow light fixtures with German-made Wieland power connections, ensuring quality, waterproof seals and quick, plug-and-play installation for easy maintenance, partnering with leading brands like Wieland Electric.

ILUMINAR Lighting’s CMH, MH and HPS grow light fixtures recently received an upgrade. All new purchases will incorporate the powerful German-made Wieland power connections ensuring you the quality, waterproof seals that have come to be known from a trusted name in the indoor horticulture industry. Wieland Electric is among the leading manufacturers of electrical connection technology worldwide, now, alongside ILUMINAR Lighting, you can count on two name brands leaders to bring you reliable DE and SE power cords. It’s always a quick, plug-and-play installation to connect your fixtures with easy maintenance.


  • IP67 Rated 
  • German-made Wieland power connection 
  • 3.2′ cord 
  • High Voltage Wire Whip Connection 

Power your indoor garden with the Weiland Power Cord and ILUMINAR Lighting Technologies.