Iluminar Clone LED Cable 1.5’ Spacing cable

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The 18w Clone LED is suitable for nursery applications, offering versatility and cost savings. It provides more PPFD than standard fluorescent T5, runs cool, and never needs bulb replacement.

The 18w Clone LED is ideal for nursery applications large and small. These can be spread out width-wise on a clone rack where you would normally need a 4x4 T5 fixture. This adds immense versatility while saving you money in the long run! They were designed to put out more PPFD than your standard fluorescent T5, run cool with a full spectrum, and to never replace a bulb.

Clone LED Features:

  • Color Temperature: 9000 Kelvin
  • 39.6 µ mol
  • Beam Angle: 120*
  • Water resistant housing and connectors
  • 18W per strip (0.15 amps on 120V)
  • 4 ft. 120V Power Cable Included
  • Daisy chain up to 100 strips on a 20 amp circuit
  • Two strips in array per shelf
  • Hanging clip and zip tie slot for easy installation