Iluminar LED 18w Clone 120-277 (2 Pack)

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The LED Clone 18W twin pack provides a continuous supply of healthy, homogenous, and vigorous clones, enhancing crop quality and productivity.


18W Clone LED Twin-Pack

Drive consistent canopies, crop quality, and productivity with a continuous supply of healthy, homogenous, and vigorous clones. The new LED Clone 18W twin pack (36W total) contains two energy-efficient LED bars.

Energy-Efficient Cloning at Any Scale

Using just 33% of the energy required by similar high-output T5 fluorescent tubes and lasting over twice as long, LED Clone bars deliver a superior 9000K spectrum, specially tailored to promote quick rooting, overall plant health, and vigorous early growth in both stem cuttings and seedlings.

Growers enjoy long-term reliability and peace of mind with ILUMINAR Lighting's 5-Year warranty and IP66 rating for use in wet environments. Each LED Clone bar is rated for 54,000+ hours of use.


  • Input Power: 18W (36W total)
  • 2 LED Clone Bars per pack
  • Color Temperature: 9,000K
  • PPF: 40 µmol/s
  • IP66 Wet-Rated
  • Each LED Clone Bar can illuminate two full-sized propagators
  • Perfect for multi-level cloning. Minimum recommended hanging distance: 10-12”