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Emerald Goddess is a premium plant tonic from Emerald Harvest, enriched with Earth-friendly natural ingredients like alfalfa and kelp, and macronutrients like vitamin B1, humic acid, and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It promotes crop vitality throughout their life cycle and is suitable for foliar feeding or root drench.

• Treat plants to vitamin B1 and a multitude of rich, natural compounds.
• Accelerate plants’ well-being for abundant flowering
• Increase nutrient uptake and root development.

Nurture valuable crops with Emerald Goddess, an invigorating premium plant tonic from
Emerald Harvest. Emerald Harvest has taken Mother Nature’s best naturally occurring elements
and other components and purified and refined them into a superlative one-shot addition for
satisfyingly big yields. Brimming with the finest Earth-friendly natural ingredients that spark
biocatalytic effects, such as alfalfa and kelp, Emerald Goddess also contributes additional
macronutrients like vitamin B1, humic acid and a little extra nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
Emerald Goddess benefits crops throughout their life cycle by encouraging crop vitality, and it’s
suitable for foliar feeding or as a root drench.

Emerald Goddess summons the best harvest by putting the best nutrition in the garden, without
any chemicals or additives that harm the Earth (or growers’ values).