BioAg Nitro-Mino, 50 Lbs

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To treat nutritional deficits in crops, Nitro-Mino is a water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer made from soy protein hydrolysate. Efficiency is increased and plant performance is optimized It may be used on a variety of crops.

Nitro-Mino [14-0-0]

Nitro-Mino is a water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer derived from soy protein hydrolysate. It is a fine, free-flowing, hygroscopic, spray-dried powder that contains short chains of amino acids in peptide form, derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of non-GMO soybeans. It is a low sodium, low nitrate, sprayable concentrate. Nitro-Mino should be used as part of a complete fertilizer program to address nutrient deficiencies in the crop. Nitro-Mino can be used through the entire crop life cycle to correct nitrogen deficiency and feed the soil biology.

  • Improves efficiency of applied fertilizers

  • Provides an excellent food source for microbial population

  • Enhances micronutrient uptake via natural complexing agent

  • Improves overall plant health and decreases risk of abiotic stress

  • Can be used immediately to address nitrogen deficiencies

  • Optimizes plant performance and improves soil conditions for improved crop establishment

Nitro-Mino can be applied to all crops including: trees, vines, ornamentals, small fruits, vegetables, row crops, feed crops, forage, and pasture. It can be applied by in-furrow, side dress, spray, and fertigation. Consult with your agronomist for the correct number of applications.