Drop Air X Industrial Dehumidifier 190 Pints/Day

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Drop Air X
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Drop Air X Industrial Dehumidifiers are portable, industrial grade units capable of pulling 190 pints per day in optimum environments (see specifications). The Drop Air X 190 utilizes a space saving design and features heavy-duty casters making the unit entirely portable and ultimately easy to move and store. Designed for easy operation and maintenance, the Drop Air X 190 has easy access to its on-board filter and internal drain hose. With an easy-to-use digital display panel and convenience of a movable, industrial grade dehumidifier, Drop Air X is the perfect solution for your high-volume dehumidification needs!


- High dehumidification capacity. Up to 190 pints/day.
- Large square foot coverage and application.
- High-quality, industrial grade design and build.
- Quick and easy maintenance with simple filter and drain hose.
- Easy to use digital display panel with RH readings.
- Space saving footprint an easy to store when not in use.
- High portability with pre-installed, heavy duty casters.
- Quiet operation.
- 7ft Power Cable.

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